Mark McLaughlin

Outstanding service, with all the goofiness of the world was able to resolve all issues over the phone. Cannot recommend enough. When I switched to this agency they managed to save me time and money. Great people, easy to work with they are available weekdays only though. Would be helpful if open on an occasional Saturday.

Alisha Sorensen

I am providing an update, and compliment to the company. Initially, I experienced difficulties, due to phone issues (which have been resolved). The corrective actions and responses have been very timely, through unique situations and unforeseen difficulties. Susan has been an absolutely amazing representative of the Walker Agency’s commitment to service (she saw better rates and let us know, saving my family literally $1000 in auto insurance premiums), timely responses (email, phone, etc), and even some odd problem solving for those “only could happen to me” moments. 👏 Kudos!

Bridget Hall

Great people

Robert Brown

Have used Walker Agency for Years. Very good people to work with. They have gone out of their way to find us the best price with top quality insurance issurers.

Chris volanti

easy to works with there when needed - thank you

Douglas Boisvert

Family friendly, caring staff.

Anne Hagenbuch

They were helpful answering questions when we were new home buyers and needed insurance. Wonderful customer service and great competitive prices. We enjoy working with an agency in Rochelle who is available and part of the community.

Andrea O'Reilly

Huge shout out to Susan Young for GREAT customer service! Susan is forthcoming with responses to my queries and her follow through is timely. It is awesome knowing I am "in good hands" with my home and auto insurance carrier!
Thank you!
Andrea O'Reilly

Kevin Crandall

Great service and cut our insurance bundle cost in half!

Cande Reyes

I’ve had a great experience with Susan adding cars and dropping a car during the whole Covid deal and she was great very fast to getting back to me I’m sure everyone there is great but I’ve only worked with Susan this far.

Denny Shadel

Our agent calls us when there are other companies that can give us better service and lower rates. Walker agency is the best.
Denny S.

Wayne Smith Sr

We have had our insurance with Walker Agency for years. My wife recently passed and the care and concern they showed and the extra help I received getting everything changed went above and beyond. Excellent communication! Even better, they actually care about you and know who their customers are!

Theresa Smith

We no longer live in the area but when we lived there we definitely used Walker Agency. My husband's father had used them for insurance and we did too and were never sorry. We even had an accident once and they still treated as nice and courteous as always.

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