Other Insurance

The Walker Agency offers coverage for boats, snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, liability umbrellas, bonds, liquor liability, and one day special events.


The Agency insures boats of all sizes and horsepower, In addition, they offer coverage for jet skis and other personal watercraft.


The Walker Agency offers snowmobile coverage from several companies. Although some carriers have limitations on ccs, the Agency can provide a quotation for any snowmobiles, including those in excess of 1000 ccs.

Recreational Vehicles

The Agency represents several excellent companies for recreational vehicles, although most companies won’t insure an RV unless they are also providing other lines of coverage (auto or home insurance).

Personal Liability Umbrellas

The Walker Agency offers umbrella policies that provide an additional layer of coverage once your underlying auto or home liability limit is exhausted. The way people sue in today’s society, an umbrella can be very important. Coverage is available up to $5 million.


The Agency offers bonds from several outstanding companies.

Liquor Liability

The Walker Agency provides liquor liability on a stand-alone basis, or as part of a commercial policy.

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