Renters Insurance

The Walker Agency offers renters insurance that can cover your clothing, furniture, computer, pots and pans and anything else that you have in your apartment or rental unit. Your landlord will have NO COVERAGE for your stuff. If a lightning strike knocks out your television and computer, you are ON YOUR OWN. Renters insurance is cheap. In addition to having coverage for your personal contents, it will include Personal Liability. A recent claim occurred where a tenant didn’t realize that his toilet had overflowed. It soaked the bathroom floor and rained water on the apartment unit below. Because he had renters insurance, the liability portion of the policy paid to replace the flooring and take care of the damage.

Renters insurance will include a limited amount of coverage for stuff that is off site (usually 10%). For example, if your vehicle is broken into and your purse and phone are stolen, you could submit a claim. In this example, if you carry a $30,000 renters insurance limit, you would have $3,000 of coverage for the items taken from your vehicle.

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